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Title Author(s)
Chairman Circular - Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment
Chasing the blood tie: surrogate mothers, adoptive mothers and fathers Ragone, H.
Circular on FBR - Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare
Companionate marriage in India: the changing marriage system in a middle-class Brahman subcaste Fuller, C.J.; Narasimhan, H.
Desires under reform: Contempor ary reconfigur ations of family , marriage, love and gendering in a tr ansnational south Indian matrilineal Muslim community Osella, C.
Is female to male as nature is to culture? . Ortner, S.B.
Social Change and the Family: Comparative Perspectives from the West, China, and South Asia Thornton, A.; Fricke, T.E.
Sri Lanka's missing mothers - A working paper on the effects of mother migration on children Perera, N.; Rathnayaka, M.R.
The substance of kinship and the heat of the hearth: feeding, personhood, and relatedness among Malays in Pulau Langkawi Carsten, J.
Technology and motherhood: reproductive choice reconsidered Rowland, R.
Towards a unified analysis of gender and kinship Yanagisako, S.J.; Collier, J.F.


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