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Title: 3- Diphenylphosphino-(I R)-( +)=camphor Dimethyl hydrazone and its Complexes with Group 6 Metal Carbonyls: Crystal Structures of the Hydrazone and [Mo(CO)4(PPh2C10H15NNMe2)]
Authors: Perera, Sarath D.
Shaw, Bernard L.
Thronton-Pett, Mark
Keywords: Dimethyl hydrazone
Issue Date: 1991
Abstract: Prolonged treatment of (1R)-(+)-camphor with 1,l -dimethylhydrazine gives (1R)-( +)-camphor dimethylhydrazone 3a which with LiBu, followed by PPh,CI, gives the corresponding compound 3c which has the Ph2P group in 3-exo position and the C=N-NMe, group in the Z configuration. This new phosphine was quaternized with Mel to give a phosphonium salt and converted into the corresponding sulphide and oxide.
URI: http://digital.lib.ou.ac.lk/docs/handle/701300122/395
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