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2017[2 + 2 + 2] cyclotrimerisation as a convenient route to 6N-doped nanographenes: a synthetic introduction to hexaazasuperbenzenesResearch ArticlePerera, Sarath D.; Wijesinghe, L.P.; Larkin, E; Maille, G.M.O.; Conway-Kenny, R.; Lankage, B.S.; Wang, L; Draper, S.M.
19913- Diphenylphosphino-(I R)-( +)=camphor Dimethyl hydrazone and its Complexes with Group 6 Metal Carbonyls: Crystal Structures of the Hydrazone and [Mo(CO)4(PPh2C10H15NNMe2)]Research ArticlePerera, Sarath D.; Shaw, Bernard L.; Thronton-Pett, Mark
19923-Diphenylphosphino-(lR)-( +)-camphor Dimethylhydrazone Complexes with Platinum(ii) and Palladium(ii)Research ArticlePerera, Sarath D.; Shaw, Bernard L.; Thronton-Pett, Mark
2012Achieving better Relationship Marketing through better Communication in LibraryResearch ArticleAbeysekera, Nalin; Balasooriya, A.H.K.
2001Activation of C–X (X=Cl or Br) bonds in 2-halobenzaldehydes as their 2-pyridylhydrazone derivatives: oxidative addition to tungsten(0) to give aryl–tungsten(II) complexesResearch ArticlePerera, Sarath D.; Fernandez-Sanchez, Jesus J.; Shaw, Bernard L.
2018Aguwewa in Cascade Systems: Does it Serve the PurposeResearch ArticleJayaweera, D.S.; Paranawithana, G.N.; Thilakarathna, K.M.S.; Athapattu, B.C.L.
2011Aid, Technology and Project Dependence: A Case of Institutional Weakening of Water Sector from Sri LankaResearch ArticleNarayanan, N.C; Thrikawala, Sunil
1991An alternative institutioanal strategy for slum improvements: some lessons from urban TCCS in colomboResearch ArticleVidanapathirana, Upali
2006An Analysis of Community Information Needs and Information Access Channels of Rural Sri LankaResearch AbstractSeneviratne, W
2012Analysis of spatio-temporal land use/cover changes of Devils Lake Watershed using NDVI and NDWI dataResearch ArticleMadurapperuma, B.D.; Oduor, P.G.; Kuruppuarachchi, K.A.J.M.; Munasinghe, J.U.; Kotchman, L.A.
2008An Analysis of the Nature of Community Information and Information Poverty Existing Among Rural PeopleResearch AbstractSeneviratne, W
2009Analyzing changes in the surface-subsurface hydrology in theResearch ArticleShanmuganathan, S.; Manobavan, M.; Fernando, G.W.A.R.
2013Applicability of the use of Aeroponic System and Silicon Supplementation on Growth and the Floricultural Quality Traits of Dendrobium sp. (Annual Academic Sessions - 2013 / Pg. 431)Research ArticleWeerahewa, H.L.D.
1995Application of Statistical modelling to gem exploration in sedimentary gem deposits in high grade gneiss terrains of Sri LankaResearch ArticleFernando, G.W.A.R.; Rupasinghe, M.S.; Dissanayake, C.B.
2003(Arene)Ru(II) Complexes of P-N LigandsResearch AbstractPerera, Sarath D.
2013Are We Really Competitive: Tourism of Post War Sri LankaResearch AbstractAbeysekera, Nalin; Crusz, Darell De; Wickramasinghe, Ananda
2011Are we successful in cyberspace? a review of the current status of web based library systems of open universitiesResearch ArticleWijayaratne, Anusha
2001Aryl halide coordination to Ru(II): crystal structure of mer,trans-[RuCl2(PPh 3){PPh 2CH 2C(Bu t)=N-N=CH(C 6H3F2-2,6)}]Research ArticlePerera, Sarath D.; Shaw, Bernard L.; Thornton-Pett, Mark
2017AN ASSESSEMENT OF PALEOENVIROMENT OF THE RAKWANA-PANNILA LIMESTONE MOUNTAIN OF SRI LANKAResearch ArticleSumanarathna, A.R.; Kanthika, W.A.L.; Fernando, G.W.A.R.; Silva, E.I.P.; Hathalahawaththa, D.K.; Sewwanndi, S.L.; Silva, A.C.
2013Assessment of Thinking Skills in a Non-Traditional Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory Class (Annual Academic Sessions - 2013 / Pg. 78)Research ArticleBandarage, G.; De Zoysa, M.N.K.; Loganathan, S; Dikkumbura, A.S.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 393
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