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2003Key Aspects in Planning an Interoperable University Library Access Portal (ULAP): A Conceptual ModelResearch AbstractSeneviratne, W
2013Knowledge and Attitudes among Nurses related to Professional Nurses' Association in Sri Lanka (Annual Academic Sessions - 2013 / Pg. 219)Research ArticleKandauda, C.K.; De Silva, B.S.S.; Yapa, H.E.
2006Language barrier in a multi-lingual environment: making sense of issues and problems from the perspective of students of the BA degree in Social Sciences (BASS)Research ArticleVidanapathirana, Upali
2010‘Lankawe Kanija Sampath’[ Sinhala]:/National Science FoundationBookPitawala, H.M.T.G.A.; Fernando, G.W.A.R.
2004Laying Paving Stones for a Knowledge Society: Community Information Literacy (CIL) and an Analysis of Barriers to Upgrade CIL in Rural Sri LankaResearch ArticleSeneviratne, W
2011Learner creativity - a potential facilitator for oral task performance?ThesisAbeywickrama, K.R.W.K.H.
2012Lighting the Digital Darkness: Implementation of a University Digital RepositoryResearch ArticleBalasooriya, A.H.K.
2004Local Information Upload Strategy in Building Up Rural Community Information Pages on the Internet: An Approach to Attending the Information Needs of Rural Sri LankaResearch AbstractSeneviratne, W
2010Localization of Moodle (an Open Source Course Management System) to Sinhala Language: a contributor experienceResearch ArticleBalasooriya, A.H.K.
2010A low cost nutrient formulation with a buffer for simplified hydroponics systemsResearch ArticleSaparamadu, J.S.; Wijesekera, R.D.; Gunawardhana, H.D.; Weerakkody, W.A.P.
2005Macropolyhedral boron-containing cluster chemistry. An unusual 'neonido' ten-vertex subcluster configuration in a [(PPh 3) 2RuB 16H 20] speciesResearch ArticleCarr, Michael J.; Perera, Sarath D.; Jelinek, T.; Kilner, Colin A.; Štíbr, Bohumil; Kennedy, John D.
2006Macropolyhedral boron-containing cluster chemistry. Cluster opening and B-frame rearrangement in the reaction of B16H20 with [{(IrCl2(ŋg5-C5Me5)}2]. Synchrotron X-ray structures of [(ŋ5-C5Me5)2Ir2B16H17Cl] and [(ŋ5-C5Me5)2Ir2B16H15Cl]Research ArticleCarr, Michael J.; Perera, Sarath D.; Jelinek, T.; Kilner, Colin A.; Clegg, William; Štíbr, Bohumil; Kennedy, John D.
1997Macropolyhedral boron-containing cluster chemistry: isolation and characterization of twenty-one-vertex [(PMe2Ph)3HReB20H15Ph(PHMe2)]Research ArticleKaur, Pervinder; Perera, Sarath D.; Jelinek, T.; Štíbr, Bohumil; Kennedy, John D.; Clegg, William; Thornton-Pett, Mark
2004Macropolyhedral boron-containing cluster chemistry. Ligandinduced two-electron variations of intercluster bonding intimacy. Structures of nineteen-vertex [(ƞ5 -C5Me5)HIrB18 H19(PMe2Ph)] and the related carbene complex [(ƞ5-C5Me5)HIrB18H19 {C(NHMe)2}]Research ArticleShea, Suzanne L.; Jelinek, T.; Perera, Sarath D.; Štíbr, Bohumil; Thor nton-Pett, Mark; Kennedy, John D.
1998Macropolyhedral boron-containing cluster chemistry. [PtMe2(PMe2Ph)2] as a cluster metallating agent. Isolation and characterisation of nineteen-vertex [(PMe2Ph)HPt-ŋ4 -syn-B18H19(PMe2Ph)] and eighteen-vertex [(PMe2Ph)2PtS2B15H14(NHCOMe]1Research ArticleKaur, Pervinder; Brownless, Annette; Perera, Sarath D.; Cooke, Paul A.; Jelinek, T.; Kennedy, John D.; Štíbr, Bohumil; Thornton-Pett, Mark
2007Macropolyhedral boron-containing cluster chemistry. The unique nido-five-vertex-SB2T-nido-ten-vertex conjuncto structure of [(ŋ5-C5Me5)2Rh2B11H15] via an unexpected cluster-dismantlingResearch ArticleCarr, Michael J.; Perera, Sarath D.; Jelinek, T.; Štíbr, Bohumil; Clegg, William; Kilner, Colin A.; Kennedy, John D.
2004Macropolyhedral boron-containing cluster chemistry: two-electron variations in intercluster bonding intimacy. Contrasting structures of 19-vertex [(ƞ5-C5Me5)HIrB18H19(PHPh2)] and [(ƞ5-C5Me5)IrB18H18(PH2Ph)]Research ArticleShea, Suzanne L.; Jelinek, T.; Perera, Sarath D.; Štíbr, Bohumil; Mark, Thornton-Pett; John D., Kennedy
2013A Madel of Trust-Commitment for the Ethnic Harmony of Sri LankaResearch ArticleAbeysekera, Nalin
2006Making sense of the Language Barrier; The Case of BA Social Science Students Recruited Under the Relaxed Scheme of Admission in 2003PresentationVidanapathirana, Upali; Wickramasingha, Thivanki
2007Making the Faculty-Library Communication Productive Through a Virtual Library Portal Model at the Open University of Sri LankaResearch AbstractSeneviratne, W
Showing results 204 to 223 of 393
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