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1972Is female to male as nature is to culture? .Research ArticleOrtner, S.B.
1980Water management practices in the Vavunia district:Problem and prospectsResearch ArticleVidanapathirana, Upali
1981The effects of institutional credit arrangements on income inquality in the peasant economyResearch ArticleVidanapathirana, Upali
1982Towards a unified analysis of gender and kinshipResearch ArticleYanagisako, S.J.; Collier, J.F.
1982Impact of farm structures and related problems on agricultural operations in the paddy growing areas of the Galle districtResearch ArticleVidanapathirana, Upali
1983Some issues in economics of pesant farming in the new settlements: A study of two villages in the Galnewa regionResearch ArticleVidanapathirana, Upali
1984Structure and potential of non formal credit sources in the Galnewa region: A case studyResearch ArticleVidanapathirana, Upali
1986Market responsiveness of chilli producesrs in the Mahaweli economy: A case study MeegalewaResearch ArticleVidanapathirana, Upali
1987Social Change and the Family: Comparative Perspectives from the West, China, and South AsiaResearch ArticleThornton, A.; Fricke, T.E.
1987Technology and motherhood: reproductive choice reconsideredResearch ArticleRowland, R.
1989Electroactive Poly(amino acids). Part 2.Copolymers of Ne-4-Nitrobenzoyl- L-lysine with Inactive Amino Acids: Modified Electrodes with these Polymers and Poly( pyrrole) and with Poly(1- [2-(4-nitrobenzoyl)aminoethyl]pyrrole}Research ArticleGrimshaw, James; Perera, Sarath D.
1989Electroactive Poly(amino acids). Part 1 .Modified Electrodes from Platinum with an Adsorbed FiIm of Poly(N E-4-nitrobenzoyl- L- lysnie )Research ArticleAbeysekera, Ajit M.; Grimshaw, James; Perera, Sarath D.; Vipond, David
1990Electroactive Poly(amino acids). Part 3.Ferrocene-doped Poly( L-lysine) as an Electroactive Layer on PlatinumResearch ArticleAbeysekera, Ajit M.; Grimshaw, James; Perera, Sarath D.
1990Redox behaviour of polypyrrole films containing naphthoquinone and benzoquinone groupsResearch ArticleGrimshaw, James; Perera, Sarath D.
1990Electrochemical behaviour of poly( thiophene-benzoquinone) filmsResearch ArticleGrimshaw, James; Perera, Sarath D.
1990Poly( pyrrole-pyromellitimide) modified electrodesResearch ArticleGrimshaw, James; Perera, Sarath D.
1991Poly(pyrro1e) as a Support for Electrocatalytic MaterialsResearch ArticleCurran, Domonic; Grimshaw, James; Perera, Sarath D.
19913- Diphenylphosphino-(I R)-( +)=camphor Dimethyl hydrazone and its Complexes with Group 6 Metal Carbonyls: Crystal Structures of the Hydrazone and [Mo(CO)4(PPh2C10H15NNMe2)]Research ArticlePerera, Sarath D.; Shaw, Bernard L.; Thronton-Pett, Mark
1991Complexes including acetylides formed from 3-diphenylphosphinocamphor and platinum or palladiumResearch ArticlePerera, Sarath D.; Shaw, Bernard L.
1991An alternative institutioanal strategy for slum improvements: some lessons from urban TCCS in colomboResearch ArticleVidanapathirana, Upali
Showing results 1 to 20 of 640
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